1.  Bitra is the smallest island in Lakshadweep.

2.  The super continent was named as Pangaea and the mega ocean was called Panthalassa.

3.  The super continent was broken into two continents that is Eaurasia and Gondwanaland.

4.  In the year 1967, Parker and Morgen proposed the tectonic theory.

5.  The tectonic plates are composed of two types of lithosphere thicker continental and thin oceanic.

6.  The movement of convergent plate boundaries led to the formation of the Himalayas and Great Northern plains.

7.  The uninhabited Pitli island has a bird sanctuary.

8.  An ancient shallow sea called the Sea of Tethys were on a tectonic plate.

9.  The great arc of mountains consisting of Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Patkai ranges defines it as the northern India sub continent.

10.  The northern mountain ranges are sub divided into 3 divisions that is Trans Himalayas,Himalayas,Purvanchal hills.

11.  The plateau is divided into two broad divisions. They are Central Highland and Deccan Plateau.