1. Text book Questions
  2. Do you  know any poem about fish?

Ans :   Rainbow Fish,

Rainbow Fish,

Swimming in the sea,

Will you please share a

Scale with me.


  1. When you think of fishes what shape comes to your mind?

Ans :    When I think of fishes a triangle and circle shape comes to my mind.

  1. Try to use a square and triangle to draw a fish.


Draw a face with fish eyes.

Ans :


  1. The smallest fish is about 1 cm long. How long is the biggest fish you can imagine?

Ans :

Blue Whale 25 m (2500 cm)

  1. How many times longer is your big fish than the smallest fish?

Ans :    Smallest fish = 1 cm

Biggest fish = 2500 cm (25 m)

The biggest fish is 2500−1 = 2400 cm times longer than the smallest fish.


  1.  One whale shark was as long as 18 m. Just think how long that is almost 12 children of your size standing one on top of the other! And guess what it weighed? Well much, much more what 12 of you together weigh. It’s weight was about 16000 kg.

(a)        About how many kilograms do you weigh?

Ans :    I weigh about  25  kilograms.

(b)  So 12 children like you put together will weigh about ___ kg.

Ans :    Weight of 1 child = 25 kg.

Weight of 12 children = weight of 1 child x 12

= 25 x 12

= 300 kg.


(c)        About how much more does the whale shark weigh than 12 children like you put together?

Ans :    Weight of whale shark = 16000 kg.

Weight of 12 children = 300 kg.

How much more whale shark weight = Weight of whale shark – weight of 12 children

= 16000-300

=15700 kg.

The whale shark weigh 15700 kg more than 12 children like me put together.


  1. Jincy used these shapes to make drawings of fish. Now you also use some shapes to draw the different sea animals shown below.


  1. Which of these sea animals have you seen before?


Ans :    The fishes I have seen in Goa from the above pictures are Lobster, Eel, Red snapper, Prawn, Cattle fish, Squid, Silver Pomfret and Crab.

  1. To see the difference between whales and fishes look carefully at their tails. Can you see that the fish tail stands flat along its body, but the tail of the whale almost looks like two legs. Can you spot the fish in the picture?

Ans :