1. How many of you have seen the sea? Where did you see it? Did you see it in a movie or for real? How deep do you think the sea could be? Find out.

Ans :    Almost everyone in class has seen the sea. I have seen the sea in Goa. I have seen it in a movie and for real. The maximum depth of sea is 1097 m (35994 ft).

  1. Do you know how to swim? Would you be scared of the high sea waves?

Ans :    No, I don’t know how to swim. Yes, I am scared of the high sea waves.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the sea with waves rising high.

Ans :    Rising waves look beautiful, but I am scared also.

  1. How high do you think the waves can go?

Ans :    I think the waves of sea can go over 30 meters high.

  1. Log boats do not go very far. If the wind is helpful, they travel about 4 km in one hour.

(a) How long will they take to go a distance of 10 km?

Ans :    Log boats travel in 1 hour       = 4 km

Log boats travel in  hour        = 2 km

Log boat travelled                   = 10 km

= 4 km + 4 km + 2 km

= 1 hr + 1 hr +½ hr

Therefore, time taken to travel       = 2 ½ hr.


(b)       Guess how far you can go in one hour if you walk fast.

Ans :    I can cover a distance of 5 km.

  1. Look at the sun and find out the direction from where it rises.

(a) From where you are, what interesting things do you see to your east?

Ans : I can see the sun rising from east, turning the sky orange, red in colour. It makes the sky look beautiful.

(b) Name two things that are lying to your west.

Ans :    (i) The sun sets in west.

(ii) My friends house to the west of my house.

  1. Some boats have motors and go further into the sea. Since they go far out they can catch more fish. These boats travel faster, at the speed of about 20 km in one hour.

(a)        How far would the motor boats go in three and a half hour?

(b)       How much time will they take to go 85 km?

  1. Write a news report about the dangers faced by the fishes in our rivers and seas.

Ans : Many travellers use their huge fishing nets to catch large quantities of fish, reducing the fish population. Other dangers are population caused by humans, the plastic disposal system, the waste thrown by large industries, etc.