1.  (a)     What other things have you heard of in lakhs?

Ans :    →   Human population.

→  Price of a house.

→  Value of diamonds.

→   Number of trees in a large forest, etc.

(b)       Write the number one thousand. Now write one hundred thousand. So how many zeroes are there in the number one lakh? Easy, isn’t it?

Ans :    One thousand              = 1000

One hundred thousand           = 100000

There are five zeroes in one hundred thousand.


(c)        There are about two lakh boats in our country. Half of them are without a motor. What is the number of boats with a motor? Write it.

Ans :    Total number of boats in our country = 2,00,000

Half the total number of boats with motor     =

Total number of motor boats in country         = 1,00,000.


(d)       About one fourth of the boats with a motor are big machine boats. How many thousand machine boats are there?

2.(a)     Where have you heard of a crore? What was the number used for.

Ans :    I have heard of the number crore in news channel. Crore is used to count the population of a country.


(b)       Try writing the number one crore. Don’t get lost in all the zeroes!

Ans :    One crore        = 1,00,00,000

One crore has 7 zeroes.