1. Can you explain why most crops have a particular season in which they grown:
Ans: Most crops have a particular season in which they grow because different crops need different types of temperature, different humidity levels. Also they need different intensity of rainfall.

2. What is a seed drill.
Ans: A seed drill is used for sowing seeds. It has a funnel shaped opening leading to long tubes attached to a plough. Seeds are put into the funnel. As the plough makes furrows in the soil, the seeds are deposited in the soil by the drill.

3. Give two reasons why seeds should be sown at correct distance.
Ans: Seeds should be sown at a correct distance. because if the seeds are too close, they will not get enough water, sunlight and nutrients. If the seeds are too far apart, there is wastage of field space.

4. Give two methods by which threshing can be done.
Ans: Threshing can be done manually by making oxen or buffaloes trample over the cut crop or by a machine called thresher.

5. A farmer grow moong during the rainy season. Will he get a good crop.
Ans: The farmer will not get a good crop of moong because moong should be grown during summer season. Because it requires a dry climate for its growth.

6. Why does loosening of soil allow roots to breathe easily.
Ans: When soil is loosened, the roots can breathe easily because there is more air present in the soil.

7. What are fertilisers: Name two important fertilisers.
Ans: Fertilisers are chemical substances which are rich in a particular nutrient, that is needed for the healthy growth of the plant, Urea and ammonium sulphate are two fertilisers.

8. Give two disadvantages of using fertilisers excessively.
Ans: (i) Soil fertility is reduced.                  (ii) It becomes a source of water pollution.

9. What are the advantages of using manure.
Ans: (i) Manure improves soil texture as well as its water retaining capacity.
(ii) since it is obtained from the decomposition of plant and animal waste it is biodegradable and non polluting.

10. Name the two main methods of irrigation used in India nowadays.
Ans: (i) Sprinkler system,                            (ii) Drip system.

11. When should the weedicides be sprayed.
Ans: The weedicides are sprayed during the vegetative growth of weed before flowering and seed formation.

12. How are grains stored in homes.
Ans: At home grains are stored by putting dried neem leaves along with the grains in the bins.

13. What are manure.
Ans: The substances which are added to the soil in the form of nutrients for the healthy growth of plants are called manure.

14. What is meant by sowing.
Ans: Sowing is the process of putting seeds in the soil.