Multiple choice questions :

1.  Who was the last Governor-General of India?
(A) Lord Mountbatten                    (B) Warren Hastings                    (C) Bentick              (D) Wellesley

2.  Who was the first Governor-General of India?
(A) Warren Hastings                    (B) Hastings                                      (C) Wellesley           (D) Bentick

3.  Who was James Mill?
(A) British economist                   (B) French economist                     (C) Scottish economist     (D)Tsarina of Russia

4.  Which three volume work was published by James Mill?
(A) The Discovery of India          (B) A History of British India        (C) Freedom at midnight  (D)Abolition of slavery

5.  Before British came to India which despots ruled the country?
(A) Hindu and Muslim                 (B) Sikhs and Jain                           (C) Christians    (D) Parsis

6.  What did British rule lack?
(A) Equality,freedom or liberty  (B) progress and economic growth   (C) Economy and society (D) Only Economy

7.  What are the special institutions established to preserve important records?
(A) Libraries                               (B) Law courts                                     (C) Archives and museums   (D) Record rooms

8.  Which rooms were created attached to all administrative institutions?
(A) Law courts                           (B) Record rooms                                (C) Library   (D)   Clubs

 1 (A)       2 (A)        3 (C)        4 (B)         5 (A)       6 (A)       7  (C)         8  (B) .