2.5   Multiple Choice Questions :

1.  History provides us with examples of discrimination ,exclusion and persecution on the grounds of ____________.
(a) Religion           (b) Region           (c) Colour                (d) Language

2.  Almost in all countries of the world we have more than one ____________.
(a) Social group    (b) Religious group       (c) Gender group        (d)

3.  __________ refers to separation of religion from the state .
(a) Secularism      (b) Sovereign           (c) Federalism                (d) Socialism

4.  __________protects us against state power as well as against the tyranny of the majority in India.
(a) Fundamental rights                        (b) Civil rights
(c) Political rights                                  (d) Social rights

5.  ________ mandates that the India state be secular.
(a) Indian parliament         (b) Indian courts        (c) Indian constitution        (d)

6.  _________ is banned by Indian constitution .
(a) Caste                   (b) Class                (c) Untouchability          (d) Gender discrimination

7.  The constitution prohibits the legislature from making laws according to the first amendment of the __________constitution.
(a) Indian                (b) British                   (c) U.S                          (d) Portuguese

8.  The Indian constitution mandates that the Indian state be ___________.
(a) Social                (b) Religious              (c) Secular                     (d) Ethical

9.  The Indian state recognizes wearing a turban by the __________.
(a) Hindu youth               (b) Sikh youth                (c) Muslim youth           (d) Sikh women

10.  Which schools cannot promote any one religion either in their morning prayer or through religious celebrations?
(a) Aided schools                                (b) Semi-aided schools
(c) Government schools                    (d) Private schools

11.  ________ country works in various ways to prevent religious dominance?
(a) USA                    (b) India                     (c) UK                        (d) Africa

12.  In-order to abolish untouchability the Indian constitution intervened in _________ .
(a) Hindu practices                            (b) Muslim practices
(c) Christian practices                       (d) Sikh practices

1.(a)        2.(b)       3.(a)      4.(a)        5.(c)         6.(c)
7.(c)        8.(c)       9.(b)    10.(c)       11.(b)       12.(a) .