5.2   Text Questions :

Answer the following questions in one sentences :

1.  What are rights?
Rights are reasonable claims of person recognized by society and sanctioned by laws.

2.  When are rights violated or infringed?
When fellow citizen of government do not respect his or her rights then rights are violated.

3.  How many rights does the Constitution give us?
The Constitution gives us 6 rights.

4.  What specific roles do rights perform in a democracy?
Rights protect the minorities from the oppression of the majority.

5.  Where are the basic right of citizen written down?
The basic rights of citizen written down is called as a Constitution.

6.  Why is the rule of the law the foundation of democracy?
It is because law applies to all regardless of a persons status.

7.  Why are jobs reservations necessary?
Jobs reservations are necessary in order to ensure equal opportunities to all.

8.  What extreme form of Social discrimination is mentioned in the constitution?
Untouchability is the extreme form of social discrimination that is mentioned in the constitution

9.  What is Untouchability?
Any belief or social parties which looks down upon people on account of their birth and certain caste labour is called as untouchability.

10.  Why is untouchability forbidden in any form?
Ans: Untouchability is  forbidden in any form because such practices deny their interaction with others or access to public places as equal citizens.

 Answer the following questions in one or two sentences :

1.  What does right to freedom mean?
Right to freedom means absence of interference in our affairs by others.

2.  What is freedom of speech and expression?
We are free to criticize but within limits.

3.  What does freedom to assembly peacefully mean?
Public meetings can be held but cannot create public disorders.

4.  How does right to reside in any part of India benefit the poor?
They can migrate to prosperous cities or places for jobs.

5.  When can government impose certain restrictions on freedom?
Government impose certain restrictions on freedom if it is used to instigate violence against others.

6.  Why is freedom of speech and freedom of expression essential in a democracy?
Freedom of Expression :
Freedom of Expression is a core value in a democracy process. It ensures people are able to discuss, exchange debate ideas. This human rights allows individuals and communities to find information which is important to them share it with others, without censorship or reprisals.

Freedom of Speech :
Freedom of speech is understood to be fundamental in a democracy. He has argued that the concept of democracy is that of self-government by the people for such a system to work, an informed electorate is necessary.

7.  Why are the rights placed higher than the government?

i) To ensure government protect their citizens.
ii) So that government does not violate these rights.

8.  How do rights play an important role in a democracy?

i) Rights protect minorities from the oppression of majorities.
ii) It ensures that majority cannot do whatever it likes.

9.  What is right to equality Or How do Indian enjoy right to equality?
The government shall not discriminate any citizen based on caste, religion, creed, race, sex or place or birth.