Multiple Choice Questions :

1.  ___________ was the adopted son of Pashwa Baji Rao II.
(a)  Nana Saheb             (b) Tipu sultan        (c) Tantia Tope           (d) Rani Lakshmibai

2.  ____________ was the last territory to be annexed.
(a)  Delhi                       (b) Awadh                 (c) Kanpur                       (d) Lucknow

3.  In the year ____________  , Awadh was annexed.
(a)  1856                       (b) 1855                       (c) 1852                             (d) 1857

4.  After 1830, the company allowed _____________ to function freely.
(a) Indian missionaries                  (b) Christian missionaries
(c) Mughal missionaries                (d)  American missionaries

5.  On 29th March 1857, a young soldier, named ______________ was hanged to death for attacking his officers in Barrackpore.
(a) Mangal Pandey        (b) Bhagat Singh                 (c) Rani Lakshmibai        (d) Bahadur Shah

6.  Delhi was recaptured from the rebel forces in September ______________.
(a) 1857                        (b) 1856                          (c) 1858                           (d) 1865

7.  Bahadur Shah Zafar died in Rangoon jail in ______________.
(a) November 1862      (b) December 1862          (c) January 1863        (d) August 1863

8.  The British had to fight for __________ years to suppress the massive forces of popular rebellion.
(a) Five                       (b) Two                           (c) Three                        (d) Four

9.  Lucknow was taken back in March ______________.
(a) 1857                  (b) 1858                       (c) 1855                          (d) 1859

10.  Rani Lakshmibai was defeated and killed in ______________.
(a) June 1858             (b) July 1857              (c) July 1856             (d) July 1859

11.  ______________ was the soldier from Bareilly.
(a) Bakht Khan        (b) Rani Lakshmibai          (c) Bahadur Shah         (d) Bhagat Singh

12.  Kunwar Singh was a Zamindar of ____________.
(a) Patna                 (b) Bihar                   (c) Maharashtra                (d) Kerala

13.  __________ was the son of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.
(a) Birjis Qadr         (b) Begum Hazrat Mahal        (c) Nana sahib      (d) Bahadur Shah

14.  _________ number of sepoys of the Meerut regiment were dismissed from service and sentenced to 10 years.
(a) 85                       (b) 86                         (c) 95                       (d) 92

15.  The British Parliament transferred the powers of the East India Company to the British crown by the Act of ____________ .
(a) 1859                (b) 1858                        (c) 1857                       (d) 1852

16.  The British believed that the community responsible for the Indian rebellion in a big way was ___________.
(a) Hindus              (b) Sikhs                     (c) Muslims           (c) Christian

17.  Bakt Khan was a soldier from_____________.
(a) Africa                (b) Barrackpore                  (c) Bareilly                (d) America

18.  Begum Zinat Mahal was sent to prison in ______________.
(a) Africa                (b) Rangoon                (c) Delhi                       (d) Uttar Pradesh

19.  Ahmadullah shah from faizapur was a ______________.
(a) Soldier                (b) Raja                   (c) Maulvi                      (d) Sipahi

20.  Birjis Qadr was proclaimed the new Nawab in ______________.
(a) Lucknow           (b) Awadh                   (c) Patna                  (d) Bihar

Answer :
1.(a)        2.(b)         3.(a)           4.(b)              5.(a)           6.(a)           7.(a)         8.(b)        9.(b)         10.(a)
11.(a)      12.(b)      13.(a)         14.(a)            15.(b)         16.(c)          17.(c)       18.(b)       19.(c)        20.(a).