Q.I)    Name the following:

1.  Soil used to make pots , toys .

2.  Rotting dead matter in the soil .
Ans: Humus

3.  Type of soil that contains silt .

4.  Removal of land surface by water, wind .
Ans: Erosion

Q.II)    Answer the following questions:

1.  Which are the different types of soil?
The different types of soil are Clayey , loamy and Sandy.

2.  Which are the different layers of the soil? Begin from the bottom.
Gravel – Sand – Clay – water – humus are the different layers of soil.

3.  How is soil important for life on earth ?
Soil supports the growth of plants by holding the roots firmly and supplying water and nutrients. It is also a home for many organisms.

4.  Define soil .
Ans: The mixture of rock particles and humus is called soil.

5.  Why are crops like wheat grown in clayey soil ?
Crops such as wheat are grown in the fine clayey soil because they are rich in humus and very fertile.

6.  Why it is necessary to ban the use of polythene bags and plastic.
Ans: Polythene bags and plastic pollute the soil as they kill the organisms living in the soil.

7.  Which soil has the highest and the least percolation rate.
Ans: Percolation rate is highest in sandy soil and lowest in clayey soil.

Q.III)     Match the following:

      Column I    Column II
1.     Topsoil

2.     Bedrock

3.     Humus

4.     Clayey

5.     Horizon

a)     Lumps of rocks

b)    Matkas

c)     Minerals

d)    Rotting dead matter

e)     Shelter for organisms

1.  e                2.  a               3.  d                4.  b                      5.  c