Answer the following questions :

1)  Why was Ramabai given the title “Pandita’?
Ramabai could read and write Sanskrit. It was a remarkable achievement as women were not allowed such knowledge those days.

2)  What changes came in the area of education in the 19th Century?
  Schools became more common and communities that had never learnt reading and writing started sending their children to schools.

3)  Who was Rashsundari Devi? What did she write in her autobiography?
  Rashsundari Devi was a housewife from a rich landlord’s family in West Bengal. She wrote about her everyday life experiences in her autobiography.

4)  Why is census conducted every 10 years?
  Census is held every 10 years to count the whole population of the country . It also gathers detailed information about the people living in India—their age, schooling, what work they do and so on.

5)  What is meant by Women’s Movement?
  Women as a whole struggled for long to bring out all round improvement in women’s condition. This is known as the Women’s Movement.

6)  What do you know about Laxmi Lara?
  Laxmi Lara belonged to a poor tribal  family in Jharkhand.  She studied in a government school.  She got a diploma in Electronics and took the railway board exam  She became the first woman engine driver. She loved challenges and took up jobs meant for men as a challenge.

7)  What are the various ways women apply to fight discrimination and seek justice?
  The various ways women apply to fight discrimination and seek justice are making the government pass laws, by raising awareness, by protesting and by showing solidarity.

8)  What was the story in the story “Sultana’s Dream”?
The story is all about Sultana’s Dream . In her imagination, she reaches a place called Ladyland. Here the women had the freedom to work , study and create inventions like controlling rain from the clouds and flying air cars. Here the men had no freedom , They were sent to seclusion.  Their guns defeated the brain power of women. Sultana travels in this Ladyland.

 Fill in the blanks :

1.  Rokeya Sakhawat started a ________  for girls in Kolkata.

2.  ________  and _________  are the two main reasons why girls do not continue their studies.

3.  Satyarani’s daughter was murdered for __________ .

4.  International Women’s day is celebrated on ________ every year.

5.  Pandita Ramabai set up a ________  in Khedgaon.

6.  Rashsundari Devi wrote a book called _________ .

7.  Rokeya Sakhawat learn ________  and _______  languages.


1.  School                2.  Poverty and Discrimination                   3.  Dowry                                4.  8th March

5.  Mission             6.  Amor Jibon                                                7.  Bangla and English .