Answer the following questions :

1.  Mention 3 separation process, its purpose for which we do the separation and what do we do with the separated components?
Ans :
Separation Process :
i) Separate stones from rice .
ii) Churning milk to obtain butter .
iii) Separate tea leaves .

2.  Purpose for which we do the separation :
Ans :

i) To separate two different , but useful components.
ii) To remove non-useful components .
iii) To remove impurities or harmful components .

3.  What do we do with the separated components.
Ans :

i) We throw away the solid component .
ii) We throw away the impurities .
iii) We use both the components .

4.  What  are the methods of separation?
Ans :
  Method of Separation are :
i) Hand picking             ii) Threshing                iii) Winnowing                   iv) Sieving
v) Sedimentation         vi) Decantation            vii) Filtration                    viii) Evaporation .

5.  When is the handpicking method of separation used?
Ans :
Hand picking method of separation is used when the quantities of impurities such as pieces of dirt, stone and husk are not very large.

6.  What is the process of threshing?
Ans :
The stalks are beaten to free the grain seeds. The process of separating grain from stalks is called threshing.

7.  What is sedimentation?
Ans :
When the heavier component in a mixture settles after water is added to it, the processes called sedimentation.

8.  What is decantation?
Ans :
When the water along with dust is removed the process is called decantation.

9.  What is evaporation?
Ans :
The process of conversion of water into its vapour is called evaporation.

10.  What is condensation?
Ans :
The process of conversion of water vapour into its liquid form is called condensation.

11.  What is saturated solution?
Ans :
A saturated solution is one in which no more of that substance can be dissolved.