Answer the following questions :

1.  How are plants classified.
Based on the characters plants can be classified into there categories. They are herbs, shrubs and trees.

2.  What are Herbs. Give 2 Examples.
Plants with green and tender stems are called herbs. They are usually short and may not have many branches. Example: Mint, and Basil

3.  What are Shrubs. Give 2 Examples.
Some plants have the stem branching out near the base. The stem is hard but not very thick. Such plants are called shrubs. Example: Lemon and Rose.

4.  What are Creepers. Give 2 Examples.
Plants with weak stems that cannot stand upright and spread on the ground are called creepers. Example: Money plants and peas.

5.  What are Climbers. Give 2 Examples.
plants that take support on neighbouring structures and climb up are called climbers. Example: Grape vine and bitter gourd.

6.  How do the stems and leaves get the water.
The stem and leaves get the water from roots.

7.  What are the different kind of roots.
Different kinds of roots are :
a) Taproots            b) Fibrous roots

8.  Name the types of roots and types of leaf venetion for the given plant.

Sr. no Name of the plants Types of leaf venetion Type of roots
1 Carrot
2 Rice


Sr no Name of the plants Types of leaf venetion Type of roots
1 Carrot Reticulate venetion Taproot
2 Rice Parallel venetion Fibrous root

9.   Write the correct answers :

1.  Some plants are very tall and have hard and thick brown stem. Such plant are called ________ .

a) Shrubs                      b) climber                       c) Tree                               d) Herbs

2.  The part of leaf attached to the stem is called __________ .

a) Lamina                     b) Petiole                         c) Veins                            d) Midrib

3.  The design made by veins in a leaf is called the leaf ________ .

a) Midrib                      b) Venetion                      c) Lamina                        d) Petiole

4.  Water comes out of leaves in form of vapour by the process called ________ .

a) Respiration              b) Precipitation              c) Evaporation                d) Transpiration

5.  During the process of Photosynthesis ____________is given out.

a) Oxygen                      b) Carbondioxide          c) Nitrogen                       d) Hydrogen

6.  The smaller root of the main root is called __________ .

a) Taproot                     b) Lateral root                c) Fibrous root                 d) None

7.  The Prominent parts of the open flower are ___________ .

a) Sepals                        b) Buds                             c) Petals                             d) Pistil

8.  The food prepared in leaves travels through the _________, stored in different parts of a plant.

a) Stem                           b) Leaves                          c) Root                              d) Branches

9.  The inner most part of a flower is called ___________ .

a) Ovary                          b) Stamens                       c) Anther                         d) Pistil

10.  ___________ is the part of a flower.

a) Petiole                        b) Veins                             c) Anchor                        d) Anther

Answers :
1.  Tree                   2.  Petiole                       3.  Venetion                     4.  Transpiration             5.  Oxygen
6. Lateral root      7.  Petals                         8.  Stem                            9.  Pistil                           10.  Anther .