Additional Questions and Answers:

 1  Describe the appearance of Miss Beam.

Ans:  Miss Beam was a middle aged and authorative lady. But she was also kind. Her hair was turning grey and she was a little fat.

 2  What did Miss Beam teach the children at school.

Ans: Miss Beam taught the children simple spelling, adding and subtracting , multiplying and writing.

 3  What was the real aim of Miss Beam’s school.

Ans: Her aim was not to teach many subjects but to train the students to be kind to others and become responsible citizens. The school aimed at teaching thoughtfulness.

 4  What did the author notice about the children in the playground.

Ans: The author noticed that all the children were not healthy and active. Some were blind, some were lame and crippled.

 5  What game was being played by the children in school.

Ans : No child was lame, blind or crippled, They were made to understand misfortune. Each child followed one lame day, one blind day and one dumb day. They were helped by other children.

 6  How was Miss Beam’s school different from other schools.

Ans: The children were taught how to spell words, do sums and write. But the school’s real aim was to make the children sensitive and good citizens. For this, they were given practical training in the form of observing one lame day, one blind day and one dumb day.