1) How does the poet prove that there are no foreign countries ?
The poet says everyone shares the same sun, earth and air. They have the same body structure and functions the same way. So there should be no difference in our attitude towards anyone.

2) What is meant by uniforms? What is there beneath or uniforms ?
In the poem, the poet uses ‘uniforms’ to mean both, the uniform worn by the soldiers and the different traditional dresses belonging to different cultures. Beneath all uniforms or dresses lies the same human body.

3) How are all the people of the world brothers ?
All human beings are same in structure, we walk on the same land when we are alive and will be buried in the same earth when we die.

4) What are peaceful harvests ? What do the peaceful harvests symbolise ?
Peaceful harvest are the bountiful crops grown during times of peace. They symbolize happiness and prosperity.

5) Give the Central Idea of the poem ‘No Men are Foreign’ ?
Ans: The poem ‘No Men are Foreign’ the poet, James Kirkup tells us not to distinguish people on the basis of their appearance, religion, region etc. People  of the world are brothers. All people are born, wear clothes, eat food and at last die and buried in the same earth. All of us have same kinds of body part. But it is we who defile the earth by hating and fighting with each other.