1. Why did the speaker deny the king’s proposal ?
    The speaker thought that the king’s power as nothing, so he denied the king’s proposal.
  1. What did the old man want. Was he successful in his bargain ?
    The old man wanted to hire the speaker with his money. No, he was not successful in his bargain.
  1. Explain “I hire you nothing”.
    The child has no material thing so he used the word nothing. He has only good will and cheer to hire the speaker.
  1. How did the king wanted to hire him ?
    The king wanted to hire the worker with his power.
  1. Explain ‘caught for naught’.
    Ans: ‘
    Caught for naught’ means no value at all. The poet was ready to serve before a genuine owner, so he refused to serve the power of the king.
  1. What is the Central idea of the poem ‘The Last Bargain’.  ?
    The central idea of the poem ‘The Last Bargain’ is that all the wordly pleasures including power, wealth and beauty are worthless and short living. For eternal peace one should give up the desire to acquire material things. The person without desires for power and wealth is peaceful because he has no fear of losing these things.