1. How did Rasheed lose all his money at the Lucky shop?
    Ans : Rasheed wanted to try his luck when he saw the Lucky shop. H saw the prizes that others were getting.  So he tried many times but did not get any costly prizes. Slowly he lost all his money.
  2. Was Rasheed really unlucky?

Ans :  No, Rasheed was not really unlucky .  He was cheated by the shopkeeper .

  1. How did Uncle explain the ‘game of chance’ ?

Ans :  Uncle told Rasheed that the lucky shop man had made a fool of him. The old man and the boy who had won the prizes were actually the shopkeeper’s friends.  This was a trick to tempt the customers.

  1. What trick did the shopkeeper play to tempt his customers?

Ans :  The shopkeeper gave handsome prizes to his own friends who pretended to be his customers. The onlookers thought that really people were winning great prizes and they decide to try their luck. But they would get nothing.