1. How would you recognize the Asian Lion?
    He is found in the jungles of the eastern regions. He is a huge and powerful animal. He is yellow  brownish in colour. He roars loudly that  roar is enough to freeze a person to death. If any animal has all these characteristics then, he must be the Asian Lion.
  1. How will you recognize a bear from other animals?
    This animal is huge and mostly black in colour with a lot of fur on his body. If this animal hugs you very hard, then be sure he is the bear. His embrace is very hard and tight.
  1. How will you recognize a chameleon?
    A chameleon is a small creature. It looks like a lizard in appearance. It is strange in the sense it  doesn’t have any ears.  It has a tendency of changing it’s colour If you see such a creature sitting on a tree and maybe sometimes among the bushes be sure it is a chameleon.
  1. What humorous descriptions do you find in the poem?
    : We find some humorous descriptions about the animals in the poem. The poet has created it by the selection of words and his pattern of explaining.  The Bengal tiger is described noble, the bear hugs and the hyena smiles .He adds humour  in the sense that before attacking you the bear hugs the hyena laughs ,etc .He brings humour even in these ‘deathly’ actions
  2. Carolyn well takes liberties with language and employs humour to describe the wild animals. Give some examples of humorous descriptions in the poem.
    It depends on the subject matter what style a poet chooses to adopt while writing a poem. The poem describes wild animals and how to distinguish them. To avoid over seriousness and monotony, the poet uses ‘humour’ as an effective weapon. The ‘humour’ used in the poem is expressive and apt.  If the Asian Lion “roars at you as you’re dyin”. The Bengal Tiger is a ‘noble’ wild beast that “greets you” when you are roaming round in the jungle. The unsparing “do no good to roar with pain.” If you have any doubts, the bear will “give you just one more caress.” The poet also uses  humour when he says. “Hyenas come with merry smiles, But if they weep they’re Crocodile”.