1. What was Ray’s handicap?

Ans: Ray was the owner of an old clock shop. He was deaf and dumb. He communicated with his customers by writing on a notepad.

  1. Who came to his shop in the late hours?

Ans: Two persons came to his shop just before his shop was closing down. One was young and the other was nearly fifty. They came with the intention of robbing the shop.

  1. What were the two persons willing to do in the shop?

Ans: The two persons were in great need to get money.  They were ready to rob Ray’s cash by force.

  1. How did Ray deal with them?

Ans: Ray was frightened but he did not show it.  One person looked unfriendly and he had a gun. Ray offered fifty dollars for the old watch of that person. This pleased the man and he left  the shop with fifty dollars and gave his old watch which was not worth much.

  1. What message did the old clocks spread as they chimed ‘Merry Christmas ‘ together?

Ans: The old clocks and timepieces in Ray’s shop chimed altogether. They spread the message of peace on earth and goodwill towards all.

Fill in the blanks:- 

  1. Ray repaired and sold ———.
  2. He communicated with his customers by using ——–
  3. He used to pay —— against the security of their ——-
  4. He paid fifty dollars for the visitor’s old watch as a ———.
  5. The timepiece rang out a ———-.


i) Old clocks      ii)  Pen and paper     iii) To the needy customers,        Old clocks,     iv) Gesture of good will and peace. v) Musical message.