1. What was Tansen well known for.

Ans Tansen was a well-known singer and a great musician that India has ever produced.

  1. How do we know that Tansen was a naughty child?

Ans :- As a child, Tansen used to play in the forest and imitate the calls of birds and animals. Once he frightened Swami Haridas and his pupils by roaring like a tiger as they were travelling in the forest.

  1. Describe the family life of Tansen.

Ans:- Tansen was the son of Mukandan Misra. They lived near Gwalior.  He married Hussaini one of the ladies of the court of Rani Mrignaini. They had five children who were also musical.

  1. What made Emperor Akbar join Tansen to his court?

Ans:- When Tansen was ten years old he went to live with Swami Haridas. There he learnt music and became a great singer. Tansen was taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini while he was living with Mohammed Ghaus.  During the years, he became famous . Sometimes he sang before Emperor Akbar. Akbar was so impressed by him that he insisted Tansen should join his court.

  1. What did the jealous courtiers plan against Tansen?

Ans:- The courtiers made Tansen sing Raga Deepak. If Raga Deepak was sung properly , it made the air hot and even burnt the singer to ashes. Thus Tansen would be burnt to death.

Complete the sentences:-

  1. When a child , Tansen would imitate the calls of ———
  2. Tansen frightened the group of travellers by  ——————.
  3. Tansen asked his daughter and her friend to sing ———-.
  4. Emperor Akbar would walk to Tansen’s house to ——–.
  5. Tansen told the girls to wait till ———– and then to start singing.
  6. When Tansen’s daughter and her friend started to sing the sky clouded down and ———
  7. Tansen remained Emperor Akbar’s singer till ——-.
  8. Tansen’s tomb in Gwalior is a place of —————–.
  9. Emperor Akbar punished Tansen’s enemies for —————–.
  10. Tansen lived with Swami Haridas for ——–.


i) birds and animals        ii) roaring like a tiger      iii) Raga  Megh     iv) hear him practice.     v) the lamps start burning    vi) the rain came down          vii) his death.        viii)  pilgrimage for musician’s     ix)  plotting against Tansen.        x)eleven years.