1. Why do fathers find trees useful?

Ans: Fathers gather the dead leaves that fall during autumn. These leaves can be used as fuel or turned into manure or fertilizer. This helps their business to be profitable.

2.  How is the tree useful even when it is chopped down?

Ans: When the trees are chopped down the wood is used for carpentry and for making furniture. The waste wood and leaves can be converted into manure.So the tree is useful even when it is chopped down.

3.  What are the benefits of trees mentioned in this poem?

Ans: Birds and animals get their food and shelter from the trees. Birds build their nests in trees. We get fruits, shades, wood and medicines from the trees. Children love to play swings  and hide and seek among the trees. Trees give shade in the summer season.

4. What are mangrove forests.

Ans: ‘Mangrove’ is the name commonly used for varieties of shrubs or trees growing in the muddy swamps of tropical coasts and estuaries. The forests in this area is known as mangrove forests.