Q1.   What do you know about the homes of the ants?

Ans.  The homes of  the ants  are called ‘nests’ or ‘anthills’. Each nest has hundreds of little     rooms and passages.The queen ant lays eggs in some of the  rooms  and other rooms serve as nurseries for the grubs. Some rooms serve as store houses for food. Some rooms are reserved for soldiers and workers.

 Q2. What do you know about the queen ant?

Ans.  The queen ant is known as the ‘mother ant’ It has a pair of wings. It bites them off after its wedding fight. This fight takes place on a hot summer day. The queen leaves the nest and goes out to meet a male ant or drone , high up in the air. On its return to earth it gets rid of its wings, and then does nothing but  lay eggs.

Q3. What are the functions of feelers or antennae for an ant?

Ans.  An ant uses it to talk to other ants. It also passes messages through them. They greet each other by touching one another’s feelers.

Q4. What do you know about worker ants?

Ans.  Worker ants live in their reserved colony. They search for food most of their time. They do only their own share of work. They do not interfere with others.