1. What was the young cricket accustomed to do.

Ans. The young cricket was accustomed to sing all day long enjoying his summer time.

  1. When was the cricket more happy.

Ans. The cricket was more happy during the warm, sunny months of summer and spring.

  1. Why was the cricket complaining.

Ans. The cricket complained because he found his cupboard empty and winter had come.

  1. Why did the cricket go to the ant.

Ans. The cricket went to the ant for shelter and grains to eat.

  1. Central Idea of the poem ‘The Ant and the cricket’

Ans. The Central Idea of the poem is that it gives us a practical message. It tells us if one does not think for future, one will suffer. The cricket represent those who are careless, lazy and not wise enough to save for future. Some are carefree and like to enjoy and spend. The one who works and spends time responsibly are going to have happy life.