Additional Questions and answers 

Q1. What games did Patrick play?

Ans. He played hockey and basketball and Nintendo.

Q2. How was the tiny man dressed?

Ans. The tiny man had a little wool shirt with old fashioned britches and a high tall hat.

Q3. When it came to Maths Patrick was out of luck? Why do we say that.

Ans. Patrick wanted to avoid Maths but to help the elf he had to do all the addition, subtraction ,divisions and fractions by himself.

Q4. How do you know that Patrick was staying up nights?

Ans. We find that Patrick was always tried and his eyes were puffed and bleary.

Working with languages.

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words or phrases given below:-

Out of luck :   mystery :   true to his word :   chores :   semester :

Between you and me :    look up.


  1. Some people find household  chores  a bore, but like to help at home.
  2. Who stole the diamond is still a mystery.
  3. This semester we are going to have a class exhibition.
  4. True to his word the elf began to help Patrick.
  5. Can you look up this word in the dictionary?
  6. I started early to be on time, but I was out of luck. There was a traffic jam.
  7. She says she’s got a lot of books, but between you and me I think most of them are borrowed.

Use the clues given below and complete this crossword puzzle:-

NCERT Solutions Honeysuckle Class 6 English Unit 1 - Who Did Patrick’s Homework - 1


  1. Very tired                                                                                                                                           W  E  A   R  Y
  2. Had an angry look on the face                                                                                                 S  C  O  W  L  E  D
  3. Short trousers                                                                                                                              B  R  I T  C  H  E  S
  4. A fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly                                            G  L  I  T  C  H.
  5. A small and naughty boy-fairy.                                                                                                     E  L  F


  1. Work that must be done everyday, Often boring                                                                  C  H  O  R  E  S
  2. A basket with a lid                                                                                                                       H  A  M  P  E  R
  3. Gave a short high-pitched cry                                                                                              S  H  R  I  E  K  E  D

NCERT Solutions Honeysuckle Class 6 English Unit 1 - Who Did Patrick’s Homework - 2

Rewrite the incomplete sentence carefully.

1. More and more books.

Ans: He needed more and more books to do his homework.

2. Too difficult.

Ans: The Maths was too difficult for the little man.

3. Got up late, missed the bus.

Ans: He got up late so he missed the bus.

4. Solved the mystery

Ans: He solved the mystery of the  elf.

Write the sentences with their correct endings:-

  1. Patrick did not do his homework because he felt they were ——   ( stupid, boring,  time waste,  dull)
  2. The little man’s face got wrinkled like a ——.       (Table Cloth,  Dish Cloth,  Towel,  Handkerchief)
  3. The elf needed — to do Patrick’s homework. (Help,  Food,  Pen,  Book)
  4. After staying up at night Patrick felt  —–. ( Sleepy,  Weary,  Hungry)
  5. The elf did not do Patrick’s homework  —– did it. ( The cat,  His friend,  His sister, He himself)


i) Boring                    ii)  Dish cloth                      iii)  Help                     iv) Weary                          v) He himself.


A. In the story Patrick does difficult things he hates to do, because the elf pretends he needs help. Have you ever done something difficult or frightening, by pretending about it in some way? Tell your classmates about it.


Say what you feel about homework. (The words and phrases in the boxes may help you.) Do you think it is useful, even though you may not like it? Form pairs, and speak to each other.

For example:

You may say, “I am not fond of homework.”

Your partner may reply, “But my sister helps me with my lessons at home, and that gives a boost to my marks.”

(not) Be fond of  (not) Take to  (not) Develop a liking for
(not) Appeal to  (not) Be keen on  (not) Have a taste for
  Support   Assist    With the aid of
  Help   Be a boon    Give a boost to


I : I am not fond of reading books.

My partner : But my brother told me that reading books gives a boost to your vocabulary.

 I : My friend is not so keen on scoring good grades in the exams.

My partner : But my sister said that she would assist me in my lessons to score well in the exams.

I : I have not developed a liking for playing football.

My partner: But my cousin assured me that he will help me to learn how to play football.

I : My younger brother has taken to playing chess.

My partner: But my brother does not support me to play indoor games.

I : I have appealed to my Physical Training teacher to allow me a day’s break from the drill session.

My partner : But playing outdoor games can be a boon for your health.

I : I have always had a taste for delicious food.

My partner : But my mother says that I should clean my bare hands with the aid of soap and water before touching the food.


A: This story has a lot of rhyming words, as a poem does. Can you write out some parts of it like a poem, so that the rhymes come at the end of separate lines?

For example:

Patrick never did homework. “Too boring,” he said.

He played baseball and hockey and Nintendo instead.


The man of the smallest size.

He was sincere and wise.

Patrick loved to play sports, not work.

He wasted his time and had pending homework.

The elf promised to help and wore a high tall hat.

Patrick saved him from the naughty cat.

B:  Look at these sentences.

1. “Too boring,” he said.

2. Cleaned his room, did his chores.

When we speak, we often leave out words that can easily be guessed. We do not do this when we write, unless we are trying to write as we speak (as in the story).

So, if we were to write carefully, we would say:

  • “Homework is too boring,” he said.
  • He cleaned his room and did his chores.


Read the sentences carefully.

C:  Rewrite the following incomplete sentences carefully, so that the reader does not have to guess what is left out.

1. More and more books

2. Too difficult

3. Got up late, missed the bus

4. Solved the mystery


1. My sister loves reading more and more books.

2. Maths is too difficult to understand.

3. Last Friday, my brother got up late, he missed the bus for college.

4. The detective solved the mystery of the crime scene.

D: Look at this cartoon by R.K.Laxman. Read the sentence given below the cartoon. Discuss the following questions with your partner.

  • What is it about?
  • Do you find it funny? If so, why?
  • Do you think a cartoon is a serious drawing? Why or why not?

NCERT Solutions Honeysuckle Class 6 English Unit 1 - Who Did Patrick’s Homework - 3


  1. It depicts a father’s concern for the betterment and improvement of his son.
  2. Yes, the cartoon exhibits a funny tone. The father orders his son to finish his homework. But he stops the boy from reading the laws against child labour.
  3. A cartoon mostly depicts the day-to-day activities of life with funny images. Although the above cartoon is a serious drawing, it draws our attention to a common problem that affects one and all.