1. What did the poet Robert Frost see in the wood? Were the paths similar.
The poet Robert Frost saw two paths diverging in the woods. One path had more grass and was not much used by people.

2. What did the poet hope that he would do one day? Was he sure?
The poet hoped to come back and try the other path someday. He was not sure he would do so because he knew that one path led to another and it would be difficult for him to come back.

3. Does one road seem to be appealing than the other? Use examples from the poem to support your answer?
At first, the poet is not able to decide which path to take one road appears more frequented by people while the second is less travelled. Through he is tempted to walked on both he decides to take the second path with the intention of walking on the first one sometime in the future.

Central idea of the poem

In the poem, The road not taken by Robert Frost, we are made aware of the choices we have to make in life. The poem highlights those time in life when a decision has to be made. Once having made the decision we must be happy and not regret about that. If we do so we will be happy in our life.