1. When and where did Bismillah accompany his uncle?

Ans.     Bismillah accompanied his uncle at the age of fourteen to the Allahabad Music Conference.

  1. Who was impressed of Bismillah Khan’s performances in Afghanistan?

Ans.     King Zahir Shah was impressed by Bismillah Khan’s performances that he gifted him with priceless Persian carpets and other souvenirs.

  1. What were the awards and recognition that came thick and fast to Bismillah Khan?

Ans.     Bismillah Khan was the first Indian to be invited to perform at the prestigious Lincoln centre hall in the United States of America. An auditorium was named after him as Talar Mousiqui Ustaad Bismillah Khan in Teheran. National awards like the Padmashri, the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan were given to him in 2001, he received the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award.

  1. What did he say when this award was resting on his chest?

Ans.     Bismillah Khan said “Teach your children music, this is Hindustan’s highest tradition, even the west is now coming to learn our music.

Complete the following sentences

  1. Ustaad Bismillah Khan’s life is a perfect example of the rich, cultural heritage of India.
  2. The flowing waters of the Ganga inspired him to improve and invent raagas.
  3. “I just cant come to terms with the artificiality and glamour of the film world.