1. Write in short the central idea of the poem ‘Wind’.

Ans.     In the poem ‘Wind’, the poet Subramania Bharati advises us to face challenges and obstacles in life with determination. For this we must be strong in body and mind. Only then the wind will be our friend. When we overcome the difficulties and challenges of life we will have a sense of joy and we will praise its goodness.

  1. Why does the poet ask wind to blow softly?

Ans.     The poet asks the wind to blow softly because he knows it will break the shutters of windows, throw the book from the shelves, and tear pages and will bring rain.

  1. What is winnowing? What according to the poet, does the wind god winnow?

Ans.     Winnowing refers to blowing away or removing the chaff from grain before it can be used as food. According to the poet, the wind God separates the weak from the strong like the chaff from grain.

  1. What kind of houses should we build to withstand the power of wind?

Ans.     We should make strong houses with doors that have firm joints as wind will not be able to crumble those houses.

  1. What kind of people are disturbed by wind.

Ans.     People who are weak and vulnerable are disturbed by the wind.