1. What do the humid shadow refers to?

   Ans.  Humid shadow refers to the dark clouds.

  1. What is a ‘bliss’ for a poet in the poem?

Ans.   The poet loves the rain because it brings him old memories. He likes the sound of the rain on the roof as he lies in his cosy bed and listen to it.

  1. How does the sky look before the rain falls?

Ans. Before the rain falls, the weather turns humid and great dark clouds gather in the sky. They cover the stars and spread darkness.

  1. When do the ‘thousand dreamy fancies’ begin to weave in the poet’s mind?

Ans.  When the poet is in the cottage and lies in his cosy bed listening to the soft music of rain on the roof, his mind is filled with various imaginations.

                                    The central idea of the poem

In the poem ‘Rain on the roof’ the poet Coates Kinney appreciates the power of rain. According to him the raindrops falling helps him to revive sweet memories and arouse fancies in an otherwise busy mind.