1. What did the author do hiding himself in the banyan tree branches.
Ans :- The author used to read books  and watch the world below.

2. When did the banyan tree become a noisy place.
Ans:- The banyan tree became a noisy place in the garden when the fig season starts.

 3. What did the author see from his platform in the banyan tree.
Ans: The author saw the fight between the mongoose and a cobra.

4. How did the mongoose manage to kill the snake.
Ans:- He first bit the snake twice on the back. When the cobra was tired the mongoose caught it by the snout . He finally dragged the dead snake into the bushes.

5. How did the crow die.
Ans:. The crow and the myna sat on the perch and watched the fight between the mongoose and the cobra. As the fight continued, the myna flew to its perch, but the crow tried to pull up in mid-air and turn back. At this time the cobra whipped his head back and struck  with great force, his snout thudding against the crow’s body. It was flung nearly twenty feet across  the garden. It fluttered about for  a while and then died.