1.  What was the thought that crossed Maxwell’s mind ?
The thought that crossed Maxwell’s mind was that should he should keep an otter as pet instead of a dog.

2.  What were the reasons the call could not be booked ?
The call had to be booked twenty four hours in advance. On the first day the line was out of order, on the second, the exchange was closed as it was a  religious holiday. On the third day there was another breakdown.

3.  How was the creature that came out from the sack ?
The creature resembled a very small, medievally conceived dragon. It was coated with symmetrically pointed scales of mud armour .In between this there was a soft velvet fur like that of a chocolate- brown mole.

4.  What was Mij’s favourite toys for pastime ?
  Mij’s favourite toys were marbles for the pastime .He used to lie on his back rolling two or more of them up and down on his wide flat belly and juggling them.

Complete the following sentences:

1.  At the Consulate – General we found that my friend’s mail had arrived but that mine has not.

2.  It was not for another month that I managed to remove the last of the mud and see the otter.

3.  I covered the floor around my feet, rang for the air hostess and gave her a parcel of fish (for Mij) to keep in a cool place.