1)  Draw a rough sketch of a triangle ABC mark point P in its interior and a point Q in its exterior. Is a the point A in its exterior or in its interior?

Point A lies on the given triangle ABC. It lies neither in the interior or the exterior.

2) (a) Identify three triangles in the figure.

    (b) Write the names of the seven angles.

    (c) Write the names of six line segment

    (d) Which two triangles have B as common?
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Exercise 4.4 - 2

a)   ∠ABC,    ∠ABD,        ∠ADC

b)  ∠ABD,   ∠ACD,    ∠BAC,    ∠BAD,    ∠CAD,    ∠ADB,    ∠ADC

c) AB, AC, BC, AD, BD, DC

d) ∠ABC,    ∠ABD