1) What is the disadvantage in comparing line segments by mere observation.
Ans: There are more chances of errors due to improper viewing.

2) Why is it better to use a divider than a ruler, while measuring the length of line segment?
Ans: Accurate measurement will be possible.

3) Draw any line segment, say AB.Take any point C lying in between A and Measure the length of AB, BC, and AC. Is AB =     AC+CB ?
Ans: Yes, because C is in between A and B.

4) If A, B, C are three points on a line such that AB = 5 cm, BC = 3 cm and AC = 8 cm, which one of them lies between the other two?
Ans: B lies between A and C.

5) Verify whether D is the mid-point of  AG.

Ans: D is the midpoint of AG because AD = GD = 3 units

6) If B is the mid-point of  AC and C is the mid-point of BD, where A,B,C,D lie on a straight line, say why AB = CD?
Ans: AB = BC and BC = CD , therefore AB = CD.

7) Draw five triangles and measure their sides check in each case, if the sum of the lengths of any two sides is always less than the third side. (Students to draw their own triangles and measure each side of each triangle).
No. the sum of the length of any two sides is never less than the third side.