GRAMMAR:    (Direct and Indirect Speech).

Rules for changing Direct Speech  into Indirect Speech:

  • In the Indirect speech, no inverted commas are used.
  • The conjunctions that, if, whether, etc are generally used after the reporting verbs.
  • The first word of the reported speech begins with a capital letter.
  • The tense of the reporting verb is never changed.
  • The reporting verb changes according to sense, it may be told, asked, inquired, etc.

Rules for the change of pronouns:

  • The first person pronouns, (I, me, my, we, us, our) in the reported speech change according to the subject of the reporting verb.
  • The pronouns of the second person (you, your, yourself) in the reported speech change according to the object of the reporting verb.
  • The pronoun of the third person does not change.

Change the sentences into Indirect Speech.

1. Amit said, “I saw a bear in the forest.”

Ans: Amit said that he had seen a bear in the forest.

2. He said, I can repair this cycle”.

Ans: He said that he could repair that cycle.

3. I said, ” I don’t agree to what she said”.

Ans: I said that I did not agree to what she said.

4. The boy said to the teacher, ” I am sorry that I am late.”

Ans: The boy told the teacher that he was sorry that he was late.

5. The old woman said, “I am not well”.

Ans: The old woman said that she was not well.

6. He said to me, “I was ironing the clothes”.

Ans: He told me that he had been ironing the clothes.

7. She said to me, “open the doors and window”.

Ans: She ordered me to open the doors and window.

8. I said to my sister, “please bring me a glass of water”.

Ans: I requested my sister to bring me a glass of water.

9. The captain said to the soldiers,” attack the enemy quickly”.

Ans: The captain commanded the soldiers to attack the enemy quickly.

10. The teacher said the students, “listen to me carefully”.

Ans: The teacher asked the students to listen to her carefully.

Questions for Practice:

Change the sentences into Indirect Speech.

1. He said “I will do it now.”

2. He says, “honesty is the best policy.”

3. Ramesh says , “ I have written a letter.”

4. She asked me  ” are you reading a book.”

5. The captain said, “Bravo! well done , my boys.”

6. He asked her, “why are you sitting quietly?”

7. Our teacher said , “the earth revolves round the sun.”

8. The teacher said to the boys , “do not make a noise”

9. He said to her, “ this is my sister”

10. Hamid  said to me, “come in”.