2.1 SNAKES:( Do not be afraid).

Q 1.  Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Why .
Ans:  I saw a snake charmer on the roadside playing the been.                                                                                                He plays the been to show the people that the snake is dancing.

Q 2.  Have you ever seen a snake? Where?
Ans:  I have seen lots of snakes in the zoo. Also I saw a snake in my garden last week.

Q 3.  Were you scared by it?
Ans:  Yes, I was scared as  the snake was moving very fast and was coming towards me. But I managed to run inside my house and close the  door.

Q 4.  Do you think all snakes are poisonous?
Ans:  No, I don”t think so. All snakes are not poisonous.

Q 5.  Can the snake hear the been or does it dance when the been moves? What do you think?
Ans:  It can feel vibrations very well so they follow the tune of the been.

-There are four types of poisonous snakes in India. They are Cobra, common krait, Russel’s Viper and saw scaled Viper. A snake has two hollow teeth. When it bites, the poison enters the body through the fangs. The medicine for this bite is made from the snake’s poison Snakes are friends of the farmers.                                                                                                                                                                           Do not kill them. Do not be scared of snakes.   All snakes are not poisonous.

The government has made a law not to catch snakes and keep them because many are harmless, they require open space to live and their species has to be preserved.

2.2 OTHER ANIMALS: ( Used by man for his entertainment)

Have you ever seen animals being used for entertainment of people :

Q 1.  When and where did you see this?
Ans:  I have elephants, lions, horses being trained to do tricks in the circus.

Q 2.  Which animal show did you see?
Ans:  I saw lions coming out of cages, sitting on a stool and lifting their hind legs.

Q 3.  How did people behave with the animals in the show?
Ans:  People were clapping and enjoying the show.

Q 4.  Was anyone teasing the animals? How?
Ans:  Yes, some boys were teasing the animals by making all sorts of noises.

Q 5.  What kind of questions came to your mind after seeing that animal show?
Ans:  I wanted the caged animals to be free and roam in the jungle.

Answer the following:

 Q 1.  Like snake charmers which other people depend on animals for their livelihood?
Ans:  People who depend on animals for their livelihood are circus owners, milkman, fisherman shepherds etc .

Survey  — People who  keep animals. Talk with those people .

 Q 1.  Name the animals they keep.
Ans:  They keep cows and chickens.

Q 2.  How many animals are there?
Ans:  There are two cows and six chickens.

Q 3.  Is there a separate place for the animals?
Ans:  Yes, there is a shed for the cows and coop for the chickens.

Q 4.  Who looks after them?
Ans:  The servant who stays in their house looks after them.

Q 5.  What do the animals eat?
Ans:  The cow eats hay and grass and the chickens eat grains.

Q 6.  Do the animals ever fall ill? What does the keeper do then?

Ans:  They do fall ill sometimes, then the keeper calls the veterinary doctor.

2.3  Imagine you are an animal:

Imagine that you are an animal .When some human being ties ,locks, chains ,troubles you.                                        How do you feel?

1.  I am afraid when the keeper starts beating me .

2.  I wish I were free roaming  in the forest .

3.  I am sad when I see children making fun of me .

4.  If I had a chance I would break free and run away .

5.  I do not like it all when people throw things at me .