I. Fill in the blanks:

1.  Goa can be located between  73 E and 74 E .

2.  The taluka of Salcete has the highest population.

3.  People from Goa are called Goans .

4.  The official language of Goa is Konkani.

5.  The lowlands have beautiful springs with medicinal waters.

6.  Most Goans live in the coastal plains.

II.  Answer the following questions:

1.  Name the tribal  people of Goa.
Ans: The tribal people of Goa are Kunbis, Gawdas,  Velips,  and Dhangars.

2.  Into how many districts is Goa divided.
Ans: Goa is divided into two districts. South Goa and North Goa

3.  Name the three natural divisions of Goa.
Ans: The three natural divisions of Goa are the lowlands , the plateau region and the mountain region.

4.  Name the neighbouring states of Goa.
The neighbouring states of Goa are Maharashtra and Karnataka.

5.  Name the district and taluka in which your school is situated. ( To be done by students )
Ans:     District —                       Taluka —–

6.  Give the names of any two peaks found in Sattari taluka.
Ans: The names of  any two peaks found in Sattari taluka  are  Sonsogad and Vagueri.

III.  Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the sentence:

1.  The Chandranath peak is in the taluka of  Quepem/Ponda.

2.  The slope of the land in Goa is from West to east / East to west.

3.  Dudhasagar is in the taluka of Canacona/Sanguem .

4.  The plateaus are tablelands / lowland.

1.  The Chandranath peak is in the taluka of  Quepem.

2.  The slope of the land in Goa is from  West to eat.

3.  Dudhasagar is in the taluka of  Sanguem .

4.  The plateaus are tablelands.

IV.  Say whether the following are True or False:

i) A group of villages forms a district. False .

ii) Goa has eleven talukas. False.

iii)  Mormugao is the largest taluka of Goa.  False.

iv) The capital city of Goa is Panaji. True .

v) Goa touches the state of Karnataka to the north. False .

V.  What are the following:

[Jamba,   Headlands,  Ghats]

i) Jamba is laterite stone.

ii) Headlands are parts of the plateau.

iii)  Ghats are gaps in the mountains.

VI.  Look at the political map of Goa and answer the following:

VII.  Name
the headquarters of each talukas :

Talukas                   Headquarters
Pernem                           Pernem
Bardez                             Mapusa
Tiswadi                            Panaji
Bicholim                         Bicholim
Sattari                              Valpoi
Ponda                              Ponda
Dharbandhora               Dharbandhora
Sanguem                        Sanguem
Mormugao                    Mormugao
Salcete                             Margao
Quepem                           Quepem
Canacona                        Canacona

VIII.   Find out the names of rivers from North to South of Goa:

-From north to south of Goa the rivers are Terekhol, Chapora,Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Saleri, Talpona, Loliem and Galgibag.