I.  Fill in the blanks :

1.  The annual rainfall of Goa is about 300 cm.

2.  The climate of Goa is hot because it lies within the Tropics.

3.  Rainfall is very heavy in the southern region of Goa.

4.  Goa has a hot and moist .

5.  The south west monsoon winds bring heavy rain to Goa.

II.  Answer the following questions:

1.  How many seasons are there in Goa.
Ans: Goa has three seasons, they are rainy season, winter season, summer season.

2.  What does range of temperature mean.
Ans:  Range of temperature means the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures.

3.  Why does Goa have a moist climate.
Ans: Goa has a moist climate as it is near the sea.

4.  In which months does Goa get rain.
Ans: Goa gets rain from June to October.

III.  Say whether the following are True or False:

1.  Goa lies within the tropics so the climate is cold. False  .

2.  January is the coolest month of the year. True .

3.  The rains in Goa begin in May. False.

IV.  What is meant by:

1.  Equable climate:
Equable climate means not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter.

2.  Moist air:
Moist air is that air which has a lot of water vapour.