1.  Do you find that all living beings need the same kind of food?
  No, all living beings do not need the same kind of food. Some animals eat plants as food. Some animals feed on animals.  Some others eat both plants and animals.

2.  Name five plants and their parts that we eat.

Plants Parts
Carrot Root
Strawberry Fruit
Almond Seed
Broccoli Flower
Potato Stem

3.  Match the items given in Column A with that in Column B. Write the column from the question.

Column A Column B
Milk , curd , paneer , ghee Are all animal products
Spinach , Cauliflower , carrot Are vegetables
Lions and tigers Eat other animals
Herbivores Eat plants and plant products

4.  Fill up the blanks with the words given:

[ Herbivore , Plant , Milk , Sugarcane , Carnivore ]

1.  Tiger is a carnivore because it eats only meat.

2.  Deer eats only plant products and so, is called herbivore.

3.  Parrot eats only plant .

4.  The milk that we drink, which comes from cows, buffaloes and goats is an animal product.

5.  We get sugar from sugarcane .

 Suggested Projects and Activities:

1.  You must have seen a garden lizard around your home. Next time whenever you see it, observe carefully and find out what it takes for food. Is the food different from that of a house lizard?
Ans: Garden lizard feeds on invertebrates like grasshoppers, spiders, earthworms, flies and many other small insects which are on plants , leaves and fruits. There is not much difference between the type of food they feed on. They almost feed on the same type of food like small insects, flies, etc. House lizards may not eat grasshoppers, earthworms, etc
[ invertebrates – An animal without a solid line of bone (backbone)  along its body. Eg: spiders , worms, etc].

2.  Make a list (with pictures, when possible) of food items generally taken by people of different regions of India. Place these on a large outline map of India to display in your classroom.

1.  Kashmir – Rogan Josh                                           15.  Mizoram – Misa mach poora

2.  Himachal Pradesh – Dham                                 16.  Tripura – Chakwi

3.  Punjab – Makki Roti                                             17.  West Benagal – Kosha Mangsho

4.  Uttarkhand – Kafuli                                              18.  Jharkhand – Rugda

5.  Haryana – Bajre ki khichdi                                  19.  Madhya Pradesh – Bhutte ka kees

6.  Rajasthan – Dal bati churma                               20.  Chattisgarh – Chila

7.  Uttar Pradesh – Kabab                                          21.  Odisha – Chenna poda

8.  Bihar – Litti Chowka                                             22.  Telangana – Biryani

9.  Sikkim – Momos                                                     23.  Andhra Pradesh – Pootha Rekulu

10.  Arunachal Pradesh – Thukpa                             24.  Karnataka – Bisi Bele Bath

11.  Assam – Papaya Khar                                           25.  Kerala – Appam

12.  Nagaland – Pork with bamboo shoots              26.  Tamil Nadu – Pongal

13.  Meghalaya – Jadoh                                               27. Goa –  Fish Curry

14.  Manipur – Kangshoi                                             28. Gujarat –  Dhokla .

15.  Maharashtra –  Misal Pau

3.  Find out the names of plants that grow in water and which are eaten as food?
Ans: The plants that grow in water are eaten as food are  Indian lotus , rice , water spinach , water chestnut , etc.

Things to think about :

1.  Does everyone around you get enough food to eat ? If not , why?
No, everyone around us does not get enough food eat because some of they are very poor and don’t have enough money to buy food.

2.  What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of food ?
Plan meals ahead before you cook. If food is leftover, reduce the portion size of food for the next day. The best way is give the leftover food to those who are hungry. Cook only as much food is required. Don’t overstock the food items, because after some days it will get spoil loading the wastage of food.