Think and find out :

1.  Have you ever seen the mountains. Have you also climbed a mountain. When and where.
Yes, I have seen the mountains. During our trip to Himachal Pradesh we got a chance to climb the mountains.

2.  How far have you walked at one time. How far can you walk.
I have walked 2-3 kilometres at one time. I think I can walk up to 4 km.

3.  What do you think about the paths in the mountains. Draw a picture.

4.  What do you think about the responsibilities of a group leader.
The responsibilities of a group leader can be as follows:
i) Looking after each member of the group .
ii) Taking care of all the needs of the group.
iii) Leading by example  .

5.  How would you feel if you were made a leader in such a camp.
I would feel very grateful  and proud for getting such responsibility.

6.  What does a class monitor have to do.
A class  monitor has to do many things such as:
i) Maintaining discipline in the class, in the absence of teacher.
ii) Arranging necessary items like chalk , duster, dustbin, etc.
iii) Conveying the problems of the students to the teacher.

7.  Would you like to be the class monitor. Why.
Yes, I would like to be the class monitor as it is challenging task.

8.  What kinds of tools are needed for climbing mountains.
Ans: We need a thick rope, sling, stick , axes  etc. for climbing mountains.We also need food packets, water bottles, plastic sheet, diary, first aid kit, oxygen cylinder, etc.

9.  Have you ever seen a hook and rope being used for anything else. Where.
Yes, I have seen a hook and rope for drawing water from a well. Even its being used for rescuing people.

10.  What else can we use if we want to cross a river in the mountains.
For crossing the river we need thick rope, sling and pitons on both the sides.

11.  Why do we need extra energy on the mountains.
While climbing the mountains we need to rise against gravitational force. We also need to walk on a rough surface. And therefore we need extra energy on the mountains.

12.  Have you ever heard of anyone who has done something adventurous.If yes, What.
Yes, one of my friends is fond of river rafting which is an adventurous sport.

13.  Have you ever done anything adventurous. If yes, tell your class. Write about it in your own words.
Yes, during a team building exercise. I climbed a very tall tree. It was a thrilling experience for me especially when I reached very high.

14.  Have you ever climbed a tree. How did you feel. Were you scared. Did you ever fall.
Yes, I climbed a coconut tree during my vacations at my village. It was adventurous. I felt somewhat scared. I have never fallen from a tree.

15.  Have you ever seen someone climb a small wall. What do you think is the difference between climbing a wall and climbing a high rock.
Yes, I have seen my friend climbing a small wall. Climbing a high rock is not an easy task. One has to keep many things while climbing a rock. One has to keep in mind how to move and various things but climbing a small wall does not require such things and preparations.

16.  Is there anyone in your class whose language you do not understand, or who does not understand yours. What do you do in such case.
Yes, I do understand the language of one of my classmate. I use to make him understand through signs and expression.

17.  Have you ever lost your way. What did you do then.
Yes I have lost my way many times. I did not panic and I told one uncle to call my father and  I told him where I was.

18.  Why do you think Khondonbi have sung loudly.
Khondonbi may have wanted to send some signals so singing was a good way to send signal to the rescue team so she sang loudly.

19.  Have you ever seen someone doing something special to get over their fear. What and when.
Yes I have seen my sister shutting her eyes during a ride on a giant ferry wheel. She said she did that to get over her fear.

20.  Ask your friend for a book without speaking. Try to explain something to the class in the same way.
(Student are suggested to try this question) .

21.  Why do you think a drain was dug around the tent.
The drain was dug around the tent to keep off insects, scorpion, snakes, etc.

22.  Besides mountaineering, what are other activities that can be called adventurous. Why.
Besides Mountaineering, some of the other activities are river rafting, scuba diving, hang gliding, etc.

23.  Imagine you are on a mountain. How do you feel there. What can you see. What do you feel like doing there.
I feel excited. I can see vast blue sky around me. I feel like I am at the top of the world.

24.  Why did Bachhendri Pal put up the Indian flag on the peak.
Bachhendri Pal put up the Indian Flag on the peak to honour our country.

25.  When have you seen our National flag being hoisted.
During Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

26.  Have you seen the National flag of any other country. Where.
Yes, I have seen the flags of many other countries. I have seen them on TV and on internet.

27.  Make groups of 6 – 8 children. Design a flag for your group. Explain why do you chose that design.

This flag is designed for the North and South unification. The red color stands for unity and the bloodshed of martyrs, the white for a bright future, and the black for the supposed dark past.




28.  Explain why it can be adventurous and challenging to climb a mountain. How would you prepare if you were to climb a mountain. What would you take with you. Write in your own words.
Mountain offers many challenges like rough terrain, high altitude, rare air which makes it a difficult task to climb the mountain. Due to difficulties involved, climbing a mountain is adventurous and challenging. I will do lot of practice before the actual climb. I will take all the mountaineering equipment, necessary food, medicines and oxygen cylinder with me.

Read and find out :

1.  What are the responsibilities of a mountaineering group leader.
Following are the responsibilities of a mountaineering group leader :
i) Help others in carrying their bags.
ii) Let the group go ahead and be at the last.
iii) Help those who cannot climb properly.
iv) Find a good place to stop and rest.
v) Look after those who are not well.
vi) Arrange for food for the group.

2.  What is Rapling.
Using a rope in a special way to come down of the mountain is called rapling.

3.  Why do you think the drain was dug around the tent .
A drain was dug around the tent so that all the surface water goes aside and does not get soaked in.

4.  Who is Bachhendri Pal. Why is she famous.
Bachhendri pal was the first Indian woman and fifth women in the world to reach the peak of the Mount Everest. She summited Everest on 23rd May 1984.

5.  Match the column:

Column A                     Column B
1)  Bachhendri Pal summited Mount Everest on a)  Makuri village in Garhwal area of Uttarkashi
2)  Bachhendri grew up in b)  Sagar Matha in Nepal
3)  Height of Mount. Everest is c)  23rd May 1984
4)  Mount Everest is also called d)  8900 Metre

Answers :

1) 23rd May 1984                    2) Nakuri village in Garhwal area of Uttarkashi.
3) 8900 Metre                         4) Sagar Matha in Nepal.

6.   Fill in the blanks :

1.  Mountaineering, Rafting, Paragliding are ___________ sports.

2.  Our National Flag is___________

3.  Khondonbi sung loudly to get over her _________ and to give a clue to rescue.

4.  A leader should let the group go _________ and be at the last.

Answers :
1) Adventurous                    2) Tricolor                      3) Team                   4) Ahead  .