1. The shepherd hadn’t been to school because

He was very poor.

2. There were very few schools in those days.

He wasn’t interested in studies.

Choose the right answer.

2. Who visited the shepherd one day, and why.

Ans: The king visited the shepherd one day because  the king heard about the shepherd’s wisdom and friendly nature.

3. Why did the other governors grow jealous of the shepherd.

Ans: The other governors grew jealous of the shepherd because the shepherd who had become a governor was kind and just to all. People loved him for his wisdom, sympathy and goodness.

4. Why was the new governor called to the palace.

Ans: The new governor was called to the palace  because the other governors thought that he carried an iron chest  in which he  carried  a treasure that he had secretly collected.

5. Why was everyone delighted to see the iron chest on the camel’s back.

Ans: Everyone was delighted to see the iron chest on the camel’s back when he entered the palace because they saw in person the iron chest fastened securely  on the camel’s back.

6. i) What did the iron chest contain.

Ans: The iron chest contained  an old blanket.

  1. ii) Why did the shepherd always carry it

Ans: The old blanket was the shepherd’s oldest friend. It will protect him when he would lose his job as a governor.

iii) Is it an example of the shepherd’s humility or wisdom or both.

Ans: It is an example of the shepherd’s humility and wisdom.

7. How did the king reward the new governor.

Ans: The king made him the governor of a much bigger district that very day.

Complete the sentences:-

  1. A poor shepherd lived in Iran.
  2. Though uneducated, he was wise and helpful.
  3. The king decided to meet him in disguise.
  4. The king made the shepherd the governor of a small district.
  5. The governor carried an iron chest wherever he went.6
  6. The chest contained no gold or silver.