Working with the poem:-

1. List out the actions words in the poem:-

Dive, Dip, Snaps, ________, _________, ________.

Ans: Dive, Dip, Snaps, Soars, rides, pulls, blows, flaps.

Find out the meanings of these words:-

Dive — To come down suddenly.
Dip — Touch.
Snaps — Breaks.
Soars — Flies.
Rides — Travels.
Pulls — Tags.
Blows — Moves with air.
Flaps — Falls.

Climbs — Goes up.

2. Read the lines from the poem.

Then soars like a ship.

With only a sail.

The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship with a sail. This is called simile.

Can you suggest what or who the following actions may be compared to?

Simile — comparison between two things:-

He runs like ___________.
He eats like___________.
She sings like __________.
It shines like___________.
It flies like____________.

He runs like a hare.
He eats like a giant.
She sings like a nightingale.
It shines like glass.
It flies like a bird.