1. Fans don’t talk, but it is possible to imagine that they do. What is it, then, that sounds like the fan’s chatter.
Ans Fans are non living objects,they cannot talk or make any noise by themselves The noise created by the fan’s motor due to lack of  oiling was being compared to the fan’s chatter.

2. Complete the following sentences:-

i) The chatter is electrical because——–.

ii) It is mysterious because ——-.

Ans  i)The fan works on an electrical motor and the attention to the fan’s chatter noise was being  produced by its motor.
ii) The poet was unable to comprehend what the fan was saying.

3. What do you think the talking fan was demanding.
Ans The talking fan needed some oiling  to be done on it . So it was demanding oiling. The moment it was oiled,  it became quiet.

4. How does an electric fan manage to throw so much air when it is switched on.
Ans An electric fan has three blades and a whirling motor. The moment it is switched on the motor starts to rotate , forcing the blades to move in circular motion. This generates a  lot of pressure which forces the air downwards in all directions.

5. Is there a ‘talking fan’ in your house. Create a dialogue between the fan and a mechanic.

Yes, there is a talking fan in my house.

A  Dialogue between the fan and a mechanic:

Mechanic: Do you always chatter like this.

Fan: No, most of the time I am quiet.

Mechanic: Then today you are chattering so much.

Fan: That’s because I need some oiling.

Mechanic: O.K. I will oil you soon .Then will you   stop chattering.

Fan: I promise to keep quiet as I will feel much better.

B. Dialogue between the fan and a mechanic:

Fan:- Finally you have come to put an end to my chatter.

Mechanic :- You are only trying to seek attention. Let me see.

Fan :- No one is worried about my condition. I need oiling to work properly.

Mechanic:- I shall make you all right. Let me oil your parts and make you alright.

Fan :_ I thank you for your work.