Complete the following sentences:-

1. If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t shoot.

2. In a relay race, if no one passes the baton then the race can’t go on.

Think and write

1.  Name the team members needed for the following.

i) To play cricket we need
Batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches.

ii) To make a film we need
Actors, director, cameramen, producer.

iii) To run a good school we need
Director, principal, teachers, utility staff, office staff.

iv) To run a restaurant we need
Manager, cooks, waiters, cashiers, utility staff.

2. Complete the sets of rhyming words .

Words from the poem  —                      Your own words

Team                                                              beam

Plus                                                                 lush

Done                                                               won

Hoop                                                               loop

Shoot                                                               loot

Goal                                                                 bowl

Joy                                                                    toy

Read the poem and form the questions  for the given answers:-

Q.1  Why was the shoe lost  ?
Ans. The shoe was lost because of the nail.

Q.2  Why was the kingdom lost  ? 
Ans. The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.

Q.3   Why was the battle lost  ?
Ans. The battle was lost because there was no rider.

Make three more questions and answers from the poem:-

Q.1  Why was the horse lost  ?
Ans. The horse was lost because of the shoe.

Q.2  Why was the rider lost  ?
Ans. The rider was lost because of the horse.

Q.3  Why was everyone in the poem lost  ?
Ans. Everyone in the poem is lost because of the horseshoe nail.

Picture Composition

Look at the picture and answer the questions in one sentence using the given words:-
Plumber:  electrician:  painter :labourer:  mason:  carpenter: gardener.

Q.1  Who is laying the bricks  ?
Ans. The mason is laying the bricks.

Q.2  Who is holding the ladder  ?
Ans. The labourer is holding the ladder.

Q.3  Who is the man on the ladder  ?
Ans. The man on the ladder is the electrician.

Q.4   Who is making the door  ?
Ans. The carpenter is making the door.

Q.5    Who is painting the walls  ?
Ans.  The painter is painting the walls.

Picture story

A house is being built. Ramu is laying the bricks. Sham is painting the walls. Abdul is fixing the door. Vikas is helping Vinay to fix the bulb by holding the ladder.

Things I like doing alone
Reading,   watching T.V , Eating food

Things I like doing in a group
Singing,  dancing,  playing outdoor games,  drawing and painting.

In my family

My mother decides what  to cook daily and how to keep the house clean.

My father decides about managing the financial expense of the house.

I decide to help them in their work.

We decide to work together in harmony


Lets write

sometime–  a     c     h     g     m     k     e     v     e    r     y     o     n     e     m     f     s

everyone–   b     c     d     e      g      l      n    m     p   r       s     u      v      x      n     l     s

basketball –  a     b     t     e     a     m   w    o     r   k      f     g       I      l      o     w   u

nobody —-  s     m     b    c      e      g     l     m     p    r      s     u      v      x      b     t     n

teamwork – k     b      s    o    m    e     t     i     m   e     u     g      v      n      o     r    d

baton —       e     m     b    c     m     v     m    p     r   q       x     z      w      r      d    q    a

handsome-   t     q      w    b     a      b     s     t     a   n     d     b     y      c      y     p    y

sunday    –    b     a      c     a     d      e      f     g     h    I       j      k      l       m    p     s     r

                  –   a     m     b     t      e      t      m    e     c    a      n      p     o       t      x     b    t

                       l      f       g     o      h     c      n     p     t    y       s      u     w      d     a     x    f

                       l      z      m    n      x     y      v     h    a    n     d     s     o      m    e    u   s

2.   Lets write a poem :-

I have a kite but need a friend to fly it with.

I know a song but need someone to hear it.

I have a ball but need someone to catch it.

I have an apple but need someone to share it with.

I have a book but need a friend to read with.

I have a T.V. but need someone to watch with me.

I have a piano but need someone to play with it.

Say aloud

Contractions are shortened words e.g  I’ve  for I have:  I’m for I am.

Apostrophe (‘) shows where the letters are left out .e.g. we will – we’ll

Write the contractions for the following phrases:-

Has not —  hasn’t                       do not — don’t

Have not — haven’t                     are not — aren’t

Write the full forms for the following:-

Weren’t — were not                              wasn’t —- was not

She’ll  —— she will                                who’s —- who is