Trapped — caught and cannot escape.

Struggled — tried to get free.

Lets read

Q1.    Where did the geese live ? 
Ans. The geese lived in the tall tree with its leafy branches spread out.

Q 2.  Why did the old bird advise the other birds to destroy the creeper ?
Ans. The old bird advised the other birds to destroy the creeper as it will grow up the tree and become strong for the hunter to climb up and kill them.

Q 3.  Why did the geese cry for “ Help! Help” ?
Ans. The geese cried ,“ Help! Help” as they were caught in the hunters net.

Q 4.  What did the hunter do when he thought  that the geese were dead ?
Ans. The hunter threw the geese one by one out of the nest.

Q 5.  Why did the geese pretend to be dead ?
Ans. The geese pretended to be dead as the hunter would not harm dead birds.

Q 6.  Describe one incident when you got into trouble because you did not do your work on time.
Ans. The teacher had given homework and I had not completed it. The next day I was punished by the teacher for not doing my homework on time.

State whether the following are True or False:-

  1. The tree was the house of a flock of parrots.  False.
  2. The wise old bird wanted the creeper to be destroyed. True.
  3. The hunter climbed the tree with the help of a ladder. False.
  4. When caught in the net the foolish birds began to cry. True
  5. The wise old bird helped them to escape. True.