Sparkling – shining

Crawled  —   went on fours.

Panicked — got frightened

Drowning  — about  to die in water.

Q1.  Why do you think the dove helped the ant  ?
Ans.  The dove felt pity for the ant and so he helped him.

Q 2.  How do you think the ant felt on finding the leaf  ?
Ans. The ant must have felt relieved on finding the leaf.

Q 3   Have you ever been in trouble like the ant? Did anyone help you  ?
Ans. Once while cycling I fell down and hurt my leg badly. A kind lady helped me get up and took me home.

Use question words for:-

Ans.    I watch T.V in the evening.
Question:  When do you watch T.V ?

Ans.   I play games.
Question:  What do you do in the evening ?

Ans.   I collect stamps.
Question:   What  is your hobby  ?

Ans.     I play in the ground.
Question:   Where do you play ?

Ans.    On Sunday I go shopping.
Question:   When do you go shopping  ?

Answer these questions about  yourself.

i)   What is your name  ?
A)  My name is Abigail.

2.  What languages do you speak  ?
A) I speak English and Konkani.

3.   How old are you  ?
A)  I am ten years old.

4.  Which is your favourite food  ?
A) My favourite food is noodles.

5.  Where did you go yesterday ?
A)  I went shopping yesterday.

6.  Which country do you belong to  ?
A)   I belong to India.

7.  When do you go to sleep  ?
A)   I go to sleep at 10 o’clock.

8.  Why do you drink milk  ?
A)  I drink milk to keep me healthy and strong.

What would you do if you were caught in the following situations.

Q.1) Your friend falls in the playfield and is hurt.
A)  I would pick him up give him water to drink and bring the first aid box and dress his wounds.

Q.2)  You are trapped in a fire.
A) Try to search for a way to escape. Get a blanket if available cover myself, and run for shelter  or call for help.

Q.3) You are stuck in a traffic jam.
A) Wait for the traffic to clear. Obey the commands of the traffic police.

Name the describing words in the blanks provided;

Make sentences using the describing words:-

  1. The wise man spoke the truth.
  2. The careless boy dropped the glass.
  3. The tree stood thick and strong in the rain.
  4. The foolish crow tried to sing.
  5. The tall man climbed the tree easily.

Frame questions to the below answers:-

1.  The colour of the ant is black.
Q)  What is the colour of the ant ?

2.  It lives on land.
Q)  Where does it live  ?

3.  It has two long antennae.
Q)  What does the ant have in front ?

4.  It crawls on the ground.
Q) How does the ant move ?

5.  It eats sugar.
Q) What does the ant eat ?

Fill in the blanks with prepositions such as

To,  at, off,  on,  in,  into,  with.

i) This tree was the home of a flock of wild geese.
ii) He noticed the creeper at the foot of the tree.
iii) “It would be a pity to destroy it now.”
iv) As they flew into the tree they were trapped.
v) The boy ran after the dog.
vi) The frogs jumped into the well.
vii) The girl was thrilled to see her new bicycle.
viii) The birds were caught in the net.
ix) The children walked over the bridge.

3. Complete the paragraph with the words given below:-

Around,  across,  with,  along,  to,  after,  next to,  into,  from.

One day as I was walking along the bank of a river, I saw my  friend running across the field. He was calling my name and waving at me.  I stopped and waited. After sometime he reached where I was  standing; He said, ”I went all around the town looking for you. I have some exciting news to share with you. Do you remember the old house next to the neem tree? Guess who is moving to that house? Janak Das, the great magician . Now we can learn lots of magic tricks from him.

4. Fill in the blanks given below with question words.

i) Where do you play?
ii) When do you get up?
iii) What do you have for breakfast?
iv) When do you go to school?
v) What do you like best in school—games, art or music?
vi) When is your birthday?
vii) What do you want for your birthday?

5. Reference to context:-

“Well there’s no hurry, the creeper is very small, it would be a pity to destroy it now.”
Who said this . – the geese
To whom was it said — to the wise old bird.
When was it said —  When the old bird said that the creeper would grow and the hunter will climb the tree and kill them.

”So this where  the wild geese live.”
Who said this — the hunter
To whom was it said – to himself.
When was it said—when the hunter climbed the creeper and reached the geese home.

Proverbs  are short, wise sayings . Read and explain the proverbs.

i) Old is gold —Things that are of many years are strong and durable.

ii) As you sow so shall you reap — Whatever you do will come back in return.

iii) Unity is strength— Be together and you can achieve plenty.

iv) United we stand divided we fall—If we are together then work will be easier but we fight then we will be at a loss.

v) A friend in need is a friend indeed—when someone helps you when you need him then he is your true friend.