1.2  Text Questions :

Answer the following questions :

1.  Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth.
The distribution of resources depends on various factors. They are  physical nature of the place. the physical factors like climate, geographical factors, etc. Since these factors are different in different parts of the world, resources are not distributed equally over the earth.

2.  What is resource conservation.
Resource conservation is the method of using our intelligence to improve the quality, usability, and utility of a resource. Thus conserving them for our future use.

3.  Why are human resources important.
Human Resources are important because  humans have an intelligent  mind which can make the best use of nature to create more resources. Their use can only be realized by human beings.

4.  What is sustainable development.
We should use resources in such a way that we satisfy our needs as well as save them for future use. This is called sustainable development.

II   Tick the correct answers :

i) Which one of the following does not make a substance a resource.
a) Utility                                                      b) Value                                          c) Quantity

ii) Which one of the following is a human-made resource.
a) Medicines to treat cancer                 b) Spring water                             c) Tropical forests

iii) Complete the statement, Biotic resources are :
a) Derived from living things               b) Made by human beings          c) Derived from non-living things

III   Differentiate between the followings:

a) Potential and actual resources
b) Ubiquitous and localized resources.
Ans : a)

Potential Resources Actual Resources
i) A resource which we do not use currently. i) A resource which we use currently.
ii) Eg: Uranium deposits in Ladakh. ii) Eg: Coal deposits.


Ans: b)

Ubiquitous Resources Localised Resources
i) It is found all over the world. i) It is found in a particular region.
ii) Its presence is not affected by physical conditions. ii) It’s presence is affected  by physical conditions.
iii) Eg: Air iii) Eg: Minerals

1.  Activity :

“ Rahiman paani rakhiye, Bin paani sab soon. Paani gaye na ubere Moti, manus, choon…”
(Says Rahima, keep water, as without water there is nothing. Without water pearl, swan and dough cannot exist.)
-These lines were written by the poet Abdur Rahim Khan khana, one of the nine gems of the Akbar’s court.

i) What kind of resource is the poet referring to. Write in 100 words what would happen if this resource disappeared.
The resource referred to by the poet is the water. It is one of the most useful resource needed for life. It is as important as air. Firstly, water serves the most basic purpose of drinking , without which life is not possible. If there was no water, one could be unable to clean clothes, utensils, or even take a bath. Farmers depend on water for irrigation. Rainwater is so important for bountiful agriculture. Water is also used for cooking food. Nowadays water has proved to be a useful source of electricity. Besides human beings, plants require water for their growth. Water is also required for various industrial purposes in factories. In short, no forms of life can go on without water.