2.4    Multiple Choice Questions :

1.  During whose pleasure can the Attorney General hold office .
a) Speaker                       b) President                         c) Prime Minister           d) Defence Minister .

2.  Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission .
a) The Prime Minister            b) The Home Minister         c) The Chief Minister        d) The Defence Minister

3.  Who is the formal head of state and the symbol of the Nation .
a) Prime Minister                  b) Speaker                               c) Vice President                 d) President .

4.  Who is the Supreme Commander of the defence forces .
a) Defence Minister             b) Speaker                                c) President                       d) Prime Minister.

5.  Who carries out the actual functions of the government only with the aid and advice of the Prime Minister .
a) President                       b) Vice President                    c) Speaker                    d) Prime Minister .

6.  Which Articles deal with the procedure for impeachment of the President of India .
a) Article 53 and 54                  b) Article 56 and 61
c) Article 58 and 59                  d) Article 55 and 56 .

7.  Who exercises the real executive power in India .
a) President                     b) Prime Minister                     c) Vice President                 d) Speaker .

8.  Who is the leader of the majority party in Parliament .
a) Vice President            b) Speaker                                  c) Prime Minister           d) President .

9.  What is the term of the President’s office .
a) Two years                   b) Three years                            c) Four years                   d) Five years .

10.  Who can declare war or conclude peace in India subject to approval of the Parliament .
a) President                    b) Prime Minister                      c) Speaker                        d) Defence Minister .

11.  Who administers the oath of office to the President .
a) The Chief Justice of India             b) Law Minister      c) Prime Minister         d) Defence Minister .

12.  Who is the real executive authority in India .
a) Prime Minister                     b) Vice President                  c) Home Minister          d) President .

Answers :
1.  b)          2. a)            3. d)        4. c)            5. a)             6. b)
7. b)          8. c)             9. d)      10. a)          11. a)            12. d) .