4.3  Additional Questions :

1.  What is the basic function of three basic types of economic activities.
Ans: The three types of economic activities are involved in the transformation from a plant to a finished product.

2.  Why is mixed farming called so.
In mixed farming the land is used for growing crops as well as rearing livestock.

3.  What is the main feature of plantation agriculture.
In plantation agriculture only a single crop is grown.

4.  What do you mean by agricultural development.
Agricultural development refers to efforts made to increase production in farm so as to meet the ever growing demand of the population.

 Tick the correct answers :

1) Which of these is a tertiary activity.
a) Manufacturing wool          b) Selling grocery  √      c) Agriculture

2) What is the main crop in intensive.
a) Rice √                                   b) Maize                           c) Wheat

3) Which of these is not a plantation product.
a) Tea                                        b) Coffee                           c) Rice   √

4) In what season is wheat is grown in India.
a) Winter √                              b) Summer                       c) Monsoon