4.4   Multiple Choice Questions :

1.  The dilapidated old buildings that the children called the __________ .

a) Bhoot bangla                   b) Ghost house
c) Deserted house               d) Haunted house

2.  Many buildings were completely _____________ .

a) Destroyed                 b) Constructed                c) Build                 d) Demolished

3.  Old buildings are pulled down to make way for new _____________ .

a) Building                   b) House                         c) Construction   d) Bungalow

4.  The bricks were laid in an ___________  pattern.

a) Outer locking         b) Interlocking               c) Diagonal          d) Over-lapping

5.  Special buildings were constructed on the ___________ .

a) Burials                    b) Holistic                       c) Citadel               d) Megaliths

6.  In Mohenjodaro, a very special tank, which archaeologists call the__________ .

a) Great reservoir     b) Great bath                  c) Tanks                 d) Tanka

7.  The rooms were built  around a _____________ .

a) Courtyard            b) Verdeh                          c) Garden               d) Porch

8.  The Harappan city was a very ____________ place.

a) Beautiful             b) Busy                               c) Free                     d) Ugly

9.  The special building  in the city were constructed and planned by the __________.

a) Tribes                  b) Priest                              c) Burial                 d) Rulers

10.  Gold and _____________ were used to make Ornament and Vessels.

a) Tin                      b) Copper                            c) Silver                  d) Zinc

11.  The Harappan were also made _________ out of stone.

a) Seal                    b) Toys                                 c) Paper                  d) Machine .

Answers :
1) d         2) a           3) c          4) b          5) c           6) d      7) a       8) b       9) d             10) c         11) a .