5.3   Additional Questions :

1.  Name the three common methods of classifying industry.
Ans: Industry can be classified according to raw material used, size and ownership.

2.  Why cotton textile industry in India could not compete with that of the west.
The cotton textile industry in India could not compete with that in the west because the production of hand woven cotton textile in India was expensive and time consuming.

3.  Why is Bangalore called “Silicon Plateau”.
Bangalore is called Silicon Plateau because of it’s IT industries there and the word “plateau” refers to Deccan plateau where it is located.

4.  What is smelting.
Smelting is a process of extracting the minerals from their ores by heating beyond their melting point.

5.  What is information technology industry.
The IT industry deals in the storage, processing and distribution of information.

Tick the correct answers :

1.  What class of economic activity does manufacturing come under.
a) Primary                                   b) Secondary √                              c) Tertiary

2.  Which industry is base of all industry.
a) Cotton textile industry        b) Iron and steel industry √        c) Leather industry

3.  Which of this factor affects the location of industry.
a) Power                                      b) Availability of raw material    c) Transport √

4.  What is the output of iron and steel industry ________ .
a) Steel √                                     b) Pig Iron                                       c) Iron ore

5.  What class of industry does Maruti Udyog come under.
a) Joint sector √                        b) Private sector                             c) Public sector