5.2   Text Questions :

I.   Answer the following questions :

1.  What is meant by the term ‘industry’ .
Ans: Industry refers to an economic activity that is concerned with production of goods, extraction of minerals or provision of services.

2.  Which are the main factors influence the location of an industry.
The location of industries is affected by the availability of raw material, land, water, labour power, capital, transport and market.

3.  Which industry is often referred to as backbone of the modern industry and why.
The iron and steel industry is referred to as the backbone of modern industry because it is a “feeder” industry whose products are used as raw material for other countries.

4.  Why is cotton textile industry rapidly expanding in Mumbai.
Cotton textile industry expanded rapidly in Mumbai because of favourable conditions like warm and moist climate, a port situated nearby to import machinery, easy availability of raw material and skilled labour .

5.  What are the similarities between information technology (IT) industry in Bangalore and California.
Some of the similarities between information technology industry in Bangalore and silicon valley in California are:
i) Educational and technological institutions: Bangalore has the largest number of educational institution and IT colleges in India and silicon valley is also situated close to some scientific and technological centres of the world.
ii) Environment: Both of Bangalore and silicon valley have low pollution levels and have a clean environment.

II.   Tick the correct answers :

1. Silicon valley is located in _______ .
a) Bangalore                                   b) California √               c) Ahmedabad

2.  Which one of the following industries is known as a sunrise industry.
a) Iron and steel industry           b) Cotton textile              c) Information technology √

3.  Which one of the following is a natural fibre.
a) Nylon                                          b) Jute √                           c) Acrylic

III.  Distinguish between the followings:

i) Agro-based and mineral-based industry.
ii) Public sector and joint sector industry.

i) Ans :

 Agro-based Industry Mineral-based Industry
1.This industry use plants and animals based products as their raw material.

2. Eg: (Raw material) animal skin, crops.

3. Eg: (industry) food processing industry.


1. This industry use mineral ore as their raw material.

2. Eg: (Raw material) iron ore, lime stone.

3. Eg: (industry) Iron and steel industry.

ii) Ans:

Public sector Industry Joint sector Industry
1. It is owned and run by government.

2. Eg: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

1. It is owned and operated by state as well as individuals.
2. Eg: Maruti Udhyog.